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  • 16:41:39 GMT

    Imf: ECB should maintain a highly accommodative policy stance and should consider temporary inflationary pressures

  • 16:41:25 GMT

    Imf: Euro area fiscal policy should remain supportive and underlying inflation in the euro area is expected to remain weak

  • 16:41:05 GMT

    European markets closed; Germany's DAX30 index closed up 210.93 points, or 1.39%, at 15380.91. The FTSE 100 closed up 111.59 points, or 1.57%, at 7233.91. France's CAC40 index closed up 100.26 points, or 1.48%, at 6865.78. The Euro Stoxx 50 index closed up 56.80 points, or 1.39 percent, at 4136.95. Spain's IBEX35 index closed up 193.52 points, or 2.35%, at 8,435.22. The FTSE MIB Index closed Monday, Dec. 6, up 554.48 points, or 2.14%, at 26493.00

  • 16:40:43 GMT

    Imf: Recovery is likely to be uneven across eurozone countries

  • 16:36:42 GMT

    The U.S. Treasury auctioned three-month bills at a yield of 0.055% (up from 0.050%). The auction of six-month Treasury bills yielded a yield of 0.105%

  • 16:36:17 GMT

    French oil company Total: the energy transition costs trillions of dollars

  • 16:32:03 GMT

    Jpmorgan has pushed back its forecast for when the Boe will start to tighten monetary policy from December to February because of the Omicron variant

  • 16:29:36 GMT

    America's deputy energy secretary urged oil drillers to increase supplies; Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk told shale oil producers on Monday that the government had done its part to lower fuel prices by releasing the strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Biden administration has not stood in the way of increasing domestic oil production to meet current energy demand, urging oil drillers to increase supplies